My Suggestion Biggest Mistake Everyone On Fiverr Must Avoid

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
Fiverr is currently working as the most famous freelancing network. Millions of people are working on this network as freelancers. Many of them are joining it on a daily basis. Some people get a failure, and some get success on it. Even some people have adopted this site as their career. They are making a handsome living from this site easily. Thousands of orders are processed on a daily basis by buyers from all over the world.

Now the question is why is the difference among people on Fiverr? All of them work as a newbie at the beginning of their career. So how do some people get success and some fail? The answers to these questions will be explained in this article. I will list out some questions and their answers related to Fiverr, along with the biggest mistake was done by freelancers working on it.
So let’s see what this mistake is and how we can avoid them to get success?

Creating Only One Gig:

This is one of the biggest mistakes done by people on Fiverr. Hey make only one gig and rely upon it for their income. At Fiverr, there are four types of accounts:
  1. Basic Account (It is the Account You get after registering)
  2. Level 1 (It can be obtained after a month by completing ten orders with good rating)
  3. Level 2 (This is the stage achieved after completing 50 orders in 2 months with good rating)
  4. Super Rated Seller (This type of stage is selected by Fiverr team manually, by analyzing the overall working of the seller)
The first three stages can be obtained by people on their own. But the last one is not achievable easily. So let’s focus on our topic. In the beginning, you will have a primary account. It has a limitation that only 7 Gigs can be made at a time. But that’s not less? Isn’t it? It’s just like you are opening seven different shops in different areas. Imagine how much money you could make this way? This same rule applies to Fiverr gigs the more gigs you have; the better is the chance of getting orders.
Every newbie seller on Fiverr must make seven gigs and fill out thaw space. Take benefit of this feature. You can get many orders by using this technique. If one gig fails at a time, the others will be able to help you. You can also get multiple orders at once.
Should you make all gigs on the same day?

Now some of you guys will ask this question, which when we should create gigs? Should we publish all of them at once? Not! You should first prepare all gigs and then publish it one in a day. So publish all the gigs in the whole week and you will be good to go.
What is the best time for publishing gig?

According to researches of experts and people already working on Fiverr, the best time to publish gig is in the morning or the evening. Remember you should follow the US Standard time because those researchers were done according to it. You can search on Google for the tag “What is time now is the US” and it will give you the time. You can then compare it with your time and estimate the right time for publishing Gig. I hope you can do this on your own, it’s pretty simple. However, if you face trouble in this, you can contact me anytime for help. Just comment below and I will reply to your problem as soon as possible.

Final Words:
Don’t be rude to yourself and publish the gigs for which you can work easily. If you are good at graphics designing work in that particular field and if you are good in programming work in that area respectively. Don’t become dishearten if you don’t get an order in one day, have patience in yourself and work hard. Promote your profile on social media to get views and increase your gig rankings.