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What happens when your hosting reseller gig actually grows so much that it can no longer be classified as a "gig" but rather a legitimate business with hundreds of clients?

We don't need to talk about the complexities of hiring and organizing additional staff, purchasing a dedicated server or software licenses, we should just talk about how to setup and maintain an effective billing system that is meant to last no matter what happens down the road.

Our ideal billing system needs to be robust, easy to comprehend and 100% reliable.

Any recommendations?


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When I run a hosting website, I use whmcs. Before buying WHMCS license I used a different software ( I have forgotten the name its probably called modern bill or something). When I bought the software, you are charged for owning or leasing the license.... after a while they started some new daft licensing method where the more hosting customer you have the more they charge you. I then migrated to WHMCS because you pay one off fee for own license or leased license and its your whether you use it to manage one site or one million sites, I strongly recommend WHMCS.
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