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If your looking to locate terms which will rank well in Bing and Yahoo, then try the free keyphrase tool located within BingAds. Of course, Bing and Yahoo doesn't have the same search volume as Google, but some phrases get quite a bit of traffic. You might want to look into the option.

Dono Nguyen

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I see the users of Yahoo are decreasing. And Bing is not popular in many country. Is that good for business?

Swati Mishra

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People are not after Bing or Yahoo. Google is everything in the search engine world. Although, I believe optimizing website on other search engine is really a good idea because it will give you more audience in this way or that way.


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can you give me the direct link for Bing keyword, never used it, but seen some of the traffic coming from Bing search engine in the past. Yahoo doesn't shows much except the news and in these days many people moved to Google.

Is this the link?
Bing - Keyword Research Tool


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Today, Yahoo do not allow to post link in yahoo answer? Many people do not like yahoo as same as the past.
who said Yahoo answers won't allow post links? I still seeing they are allowing to post links in source code. I think you may not have sufficient privileges to insert a link.
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I do agree with everyone that most people are for Google. However, Bing and Yahoo can still contribute traffic. Yahoo may be dwindling while Bing is catching up. Someone even said that Yahoo is depending on Bing. Not sure if that is true though.

Manish Mishra

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If the Bing and Yahoo! are not the top performers, they are not less in 2nd and 3rd position and so they are uplifting.
Google is major search engine that is fact but the Bing and Yahoo are no less. They also contributes a better part.
With the global report of 2015, Google has covered 70% of total traffic and Bing+Yahoo covered 20% of the total traffic. This is + result for the Bing+Yahoo and Google has drop share with the total traffic.

No worry, figure out from Google for keywords and just check with the Bing+Yahoo keyword suggestions, you may also took share of 20% of those traffic that could not be yours.


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You can't prejudge Yahoo and Bing, respectively. Most of you may think that Yahoo and Bing are just behind Google and may not be getting the traffic you wanted there, but actually it's a goldmine for me. When we use the Bing keyword research tool, it's actually an opportunity that we could rank very well in a specific keyword that we are targeting now. For me, even though you may be expecting lesser traffic than you imagine, but the ranking chances are going to be high even for keywords that you choose in order to rank very well once and for all.

niranjan kumar

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Yahoo Search is powered by Bing but that not same in October Yahoo announced that their transition is fully powered by Bing.
Bing key-phrase tool
All data is from organic search
Keyword idea by k=language and country/region
up to 6 months of data
Research history
Yahoo Keyphrase tool
Yahoo keyphrase tool find right keywords that match your product, service or website concept in order of your website.