My Suggestion Black Hat Can Be Harmful


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Ahh, so just use the Blackhat techniques in the beginning to give you a boost, and then stop doing and let it grow naturally. That is a good idea. If you have quality content and products that you believe can help people, then I see no problem with that at all. It sounds like a good way to allow yourself a chance to be heard or seen in an over-crowded marketplace!
There are several types of Blackhat methods and they do work if you use properly and it is for short time. We all see people still sell links on blogs through guest posts, even though Google banned such thing.
Try once and see for a waste domain, then you know the taste of the Blackhat technique. Yes it is to startup to boost anything even social media likes, share etc. Some people are still using until the website is banned.


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A huge risk is involved with going after Black Hat SEO tactics. Instead, follow the rules and promote your hard work.

steve taylor

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There are so many techniques are available in the black hat search engine optimization , most of them are harmful for website promotion because you can punished in come context. But there are some technique are there which is not illegal but it not easy also like buying URL. If you can buy high ranking URL, Then with the help of that URL you can promote your website quickly.

Swati Mishra

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It does not matter you have invested a large sum of amount or a small, you always give time and money to website. If you anyhow follow the black hat techniques to your website it will be hard for you to hide it from engines. A success story can be short following black hat, but, nevertheless you will have lost over the time and money both.

niranjan kumar

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Black hat search engine optimization is very harmful for website, you can never earn some money though your website if you are doing seo using black hat techniques.
So if you want some financial income for regular from your website, you need to do white hat search engine optimization for your website.