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Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO


While writing a guide on this I should be careful about the words I use as some people misunderstand and use the White hat SEO to an extent that it becomes a Black Hat SEO. As the shine say Black means bad and White means some Good.

If you are an experienced person handling some websites or blog you know the difference between the black hat and white hat but new bits wouldn't know the difference. The usage of Black hat is serious and if found by the Google bots, Google would penalize the website and lower the ranking, Always remember “ There is no shortcut to get rich” and “ There is no shortcut to get good ranking”. So getting good ranking is a gradual process.

What is the basic difference between black hat SEO and White hat SEO techniques?

In every technique we deploy there will be a good way and a bad way, so it also present in the SEO techniques the good way is white hat so it is the guidelines for the website creation.

This problem comes when the people start misusing the white hat and it becomes black hat. Which is one is most affected due to black link building spamming.

Black Hat SEO techniques

There are vast amount of Black hat technique which should not be used, i am listing only a few of the techniques.


Cloaking is the most common black hat technique which deceives the Google by showing some other content rather than showing the original content. For example to Google you will display a code for live football match but actually you will be doing sales of some other products. So if Google comes to find this the websites will be subjected to penalty and yours ranking decreases or also completely banning it.

Keyword Stuffing

This technique also is very good in older times but is not working more as the Google updates their ranking algorithm. if your website has some relevant information is good but if you include too much of keywords your websites look different. So you make sure that you include balanced amount of keywords to your website.

Hidden Text

It implies that you have a white screen so as to stuff more words into your website. As human we can’t track these words but the Google bots can. The bots will go through your codes and if they find that your websites has lots of hidden text in it, the website will be penalized and ranking is also reduced, so it better to design a web page hidden text free.

Buying Links

In online world ads are calling people to buy links for a very few dollars. Google penguin will easily find the spam websites who use links in return for money. So after the Google update the websites using this are penalized.

These are some of the worst SEO technique that one should avoid while creating a website.

White Hat SEO technique

As there are some techniques that are highly recommend for you to follow in order to create a successful website and increase the ranking. Listed below are some of the Whit Hat techniques.

Non- Deception

Avoiding deception is the aspect of white hat, so you provide original copies of your website to both bots and visitors

Serve visitors

The white SEO clearly suggest that the images should serve the visitors and not the search engines.

Good Quality Content

You should use good quality content as content is the main aspect of SEO technique. The content must be good for both the visitor and the search engines.

Follow these instructions to get a clear view about the SEO techniques and make sure that you follow the white hat SEO technique.

Manish Mishra

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@selvaa: Thank you mate you have given us an outstanding piece of work here. This is really very helpful for the beginner in SEO and to webmasters who are learning.
White hat and black hat has been fighting over the methods that who could win and it is interesting to read your entire article.
Content spinning also was one of the popular blackhat techniques that Google Panda took care of.


It's Game Time!
I did share one thread of mine here on WMS about my experience with blackhat SEO. But it was a learning experience for me and for my client, in which I was paid to do blackhat SEO to his websites through doorway pages, keyword stuffing, duplicate and low quality spun content. Blackhat SEO is only effective on a short term basis, but I think there's a little chance that these common stuff are going to rank well on Google (unless they think out of the box). For me, I think it's better to do whitehat SEO to be on the safe side once and for all, as they're completely legit.


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You had made some excellent points for using White hat method. Backhat has only one option that is getting ban soon. Do you know any method to find white text links that are hidden, once upon a time my site was penalized for this and later they asked to remove them, but reverting a theme showed the hidden code in theme files.

Zirkon Kalti

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Black hat tactics such as cloaking, heavy keyword spamming, automated link spamming robots, and deceptive redirects, have gotten many popular sites banned from the search engines. For example, Standard Daily was caught selling links on their sites to make money. The German BMW sites was penalized by Google for implementing doorway pages. Grey hat tactics such as paid links, duplicate content and mild keyword stuffing can also get your site penalized although the penalty is less serious than black hat tactics.


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I'm glad you mentioned the grey hat techniques as they are important aswell. As you say, they're not as serious as the black hat techniques are, but they're still not exactly what Google wants when looking at your sites.

Grey hat techniques are a growing trend I they work better than white hat hat, but they're not as seruos as black hat if and when you get caught. The best of both worlds you could say...

steve taylor

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Great pretension of black hat search engine optimization and white hat search engine optimization . Before reading your article I do not know anything about black hat search engine optimization . I learn about black hat search engine optimization which is very helpful in my SEO carrier. I think in these techniques buying links is not illegal techniques of the SEO.


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  • Black hat SEO refers to techniques and strategies used to get higher search rankings, and breaking search engine rules.
  • White hat SEO refers to the use of techniques and strategies that target a human audience opposed to a search engine.


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Black hat SEO get higher search rankings, and breaking search engine rule. black hat SEO
can possibly result in your site being banned from a search engine and de-indexed as a
penalization for using unethical techniques
White hat SEO more relevant, backlinking, link building as well as writing content for human readers. Those who use white hat SEO expect to make a long-term investment on their website, as the results last a long time.


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Black hat tactics such as cloaking, heavy keyword spamming, automated link spamming robots, and deceptive redirects, have gotten many popular sites banned from the search engines.

Shrija Shetty

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- Blackhat SEO technique is an unethical way to rank the website by doing keyword stuffing, clocking, content hiding etc.
- Whitehat SEO technique is used by following the rules and regulations of SE Algorithms.
Rank set by doing Whitehat SEO is more stable.


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Black hat efforts are centered towards search engines and rankings whereas white hat efforts are centered towards the user or audience. Quality content and priority for user experience are its example


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Black Hat Seo:
Black Hat Seo is the process to obtain high rankings for a website by exploits weaknesses in the search engine algorithms.
This type of a method of SEO does not follow the SEO guidelines of search engines. The wholesomeness level of Black Hat Seo is very low. Blackhat SEO has a high amount of risk and delivers the short lasting growth.

White Hat Seo:
White Hat Seo is used to improving your website ranking in search engine results without breaking search engine guidelines. By using White Hat Seo you can get gradual but lasting growth in google rankings. white hat SEO has less amount of risk and delivers the lasting and compounding value over time. Best Seo Companies recommends White hat Seo and tools to improve your rankings.

Nia jax

Good one to know and understand black hat SEO & white hat SEO

Both are different from each other & both have own value but still, some people like to go with black hat SEO. I don't understand, Why Google strickly bane Black Hat SEO practice.