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Special Offer Blackfriday Deals Upto 25% Lifetime Discount On Managed Hosting Services By Ctrlswitches

Discussion in 'Exclusive Web Hosting Deals' started by markb, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. markb

    White Belt

    Aug 4, 2017
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    BlackFriday Deals Upto 25% Lifetime Discount on Managed Hosting services by Ctrlswitches
    Ctrlswitches provides managed web hosting solutions which includes cPanel Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Wordpress Hosting. Our clients range from web startups to global enterprises. We have maintained a high standards with our quality web hosting services and support. Acknowledged by all our clients around the world. With latest State-of-the-art servers and network, we provide highest uptime guarantee of 99.9% and top network support.

    BlackFriday Best Lifetime 25% discount on Managed WEB HOSTING Services
    Coupon Code : WEBHOST25

    Features of Managed Web Hosting Services
    - 24/7/365 Fully Managed Support
    - Best Uptime Guarantee
    - 99.9% Service Level Agreement
    - Free Premium Plesk WebAdmin Panel
    - PHP 5.5
    - MySQL 5.x Stable
    - Free SSD Cached RAID-10 HDD`s
    - Free Reseller club Domain Reseller account
    - Jailed SSH Access

    Best of Managed cPanel Hosting Plans
    SSD - 20 GB
    Bandwidth - unlimited
    Addons - unlimited
    Sub-Domains - unlimited
    Email Accounts - unlimited
    Price : $ 4.99/Month
    > Buy <
    >> Go for more information on Managed cPanel Hosting Plans <<

    Best of Managed Wordpress Hosting Plans
    SSD - 20 GB
    RAM - 1024 MB
    Bandwidth - Unlimited
    Websites - Host 2 WP Websites
    Price : $ 8.99/Month
    > Buy <
    >> Go for more information on Managed Wordpress Hosting Plans <<

    Best of Managed Reseller Hosting Plans
    SSD - 50 GB
    Bandwidth - 2000 GB
    cPanel Accounts - Unlimited
    Sub-domains - Unlimited
    Email accounts - Unlimited
    Price : $ 13.99/Month
    > Buy <
    >> Go for more information on Managed Reseller Hosting Plans <<

    for more information go with provided link
    Payment Methods : PayPal, Payza, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin.
    Support Fields:

    * Live Support, Skype
    * Email Support

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