My 2 Cents Blackhat Seo Misleading Strategies To Promote Im Products


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WARNING: This article is only meant for those who want to promote IM products, the "EVIL" way.

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For today, I would like to share something interesting only for those who dare to do blackhat SEO tactics. As we all know, blackhat SEO is the "evil" side to rank your websites or blogs on the "big G". But there's a catch when it comes to blackhat SEO, as it was not really designed for long term results. Instead, you can just enjoy ranking in a while, but it may lose afterwards for good.

I was once like you guys who are doing blackhat SEO as of the moment. You know why? It is because I really wanna see short term quick income and not looking for a long term one. It is simply because I was too desperate for money and I really need to earn that time in order to prove to my family that I can make a living in the internet. But there's a lesson learned behind my own experience though, in which results are really not that instant. I would simply find out that this kind of SEO and internet marketing method does have high risks involved, including that you may be losing reputation and trust from other people once and for all.

However, if you really don't care at all of losing reputation in terms of doing this for your websites and blogs, this article is meant for you. At least you may be getting some ideas on how these blackhat SEO tricks can simply blow your own mind away. In one of my previous threads, I mentioned that one of the marketing mistakes that we ever commit was simply misleading people. I don't wanna mislead people though, because I don't wanna lose their trust to me. However, if you want to take risks in misleading people in any form even if you are just using fake aliases or information to cover your identity, these blackhat SEO ideas can be quite effective.

Without further ado, here are some blackhat SEO misleading tricks that you can use to promote internet marketing products.

Misleading Strategy #1: Using "Get" keyword before the product name

I have really noticed this when I am searching for product reviews, in which makes me think that I need to implement this idea once and for all. I have seen some blackhat SEO internet marketers here who are using this strategy to mislead their visitors for good. They are creating a mindset in which the customers may think that the product is actually free to get instead of buying the whole stuff for good. I was guilty in using this technique before in promoting IM products, and in the end I am not getting sales actually.

Misleading Strategy #2: Using "Free Download" keyword before the product name

This is another powerful misleading strategy that most blackhat SEO and internet marketers use for promoting internet marketing products once and for all. They are gonna add the "Free Download" keyword before or after the main keyword in the title. As a matter of fact, people are looking for stuff that they can download for free, especially paid products. If that happens, they are downloading something in an illegal way. To mislead them, use the "Free Download" keyword and link them to the official sales page instead.

Misleading Strategy #3: Using "Blackhat" keyword after the product name

This is something that I have never used for a while when I am doing blackhat SEO. But I think this is very effective if you are going to use this keyword beside the main keyword you have. There are customers out there who are searching keywords that includes the blackhat word. It means that some blackhat forums and websites are using this kind of keyword that would let these customers believe that the product is totally free.

Misleading Strategy #4: Using "Leaked" or "Nulled" keyword before or after the product name

Last, but not the least, are the use of "Leaked" and "Nulled" keywords. I have seen this in some blackhat forums and other ones that are having "leak" threads. Normally, this would be used for those premium eBooks, software or Wordpress plugins that exists until today. Do these by misleading them in providing the actual sales page link instead of the raw download link of the file or website access. This blackhat SEO technique is also effective nowadays in my own opinion.

Again I must tell you guys, take these misleading blackhat SEO strategies at your own risk. Wish you luck to your blackhat SEO success!


From my experience Google's search engine is sufficiently advanced these days to detect and ignore such methods. I haven't been able to have any success using black hat over the past couple of years. Maybe you could pull something like this off for people looking for streams or downloads, but that's about it.


Content Writer
[QUOTE="JWill, post: 343796, member: 57396" I haven't been able to have any success using black hat over the past couple of years. [/QUOTE]
Because BH method don't last forever, you churn and burn.
But its very profitable if you found nice and working method.