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There was a time when bookmarking sites were a rage but in these days you shouldn't expect much from them. However you can still get traffic from sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg etc if your article or story is good enough. So which one of you is still using bookmarking websites for getting huge traffic and backlinks? Would anyone like to share views about bookmarking?

Zirkon Kalti

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You can drive traffic to your site from social bookmarking site if your post rank on the front page. Usually, only quality posts that get a lots of comments will get ranked on the homepage of popular social bookmarking site such as Reddit and Digg. If you want people to comment on the article you social bookmark, you must give it a catchy headline. If you don't provide a catchy headline, there is a small chance that people will see your post on the front page. Besides, you must write a meaningful description that slightly provoke people's interest to check out your article. It is a wrong practice to use lies to provoke people to read your post. The description should not be too long, about 100 - 150 characters. The first paragraph of the article is the most important part, as this is the paragraph that people first read. If the first paragraph is good, people will continue to read the rest of the article. It is important to write quality content that are informative on your blog. If the post you social bookmark is not useful, you may get banned from social bookmarking site. You must make it easy for your readers to vote/bookmark your post by adding the social bookmark buttons such as Digg,


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I worked on them for more than 3 years when I was engaged with my clients during my SEO tasks. But then left them due to insufficient results.


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I used to promote more on Digg, but once they closed their site and I stopped in promoting on social media sites. My profile urls are having some PR3 and PR 4 on most social sites in those days, but gone all dead
The best site was for me propeller, where they allow good conversation with people and good traffic.


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I think social bookmarking is still useful nowadays. I still bookmark my links with Digg, Stumbleupon, Diigo, Reddit, Delicious, etc. It simply plays a big role in ranking your website and getting some organic traffic once and for all. Some of you may think that social bookmarks are now useless with the implementation of Google Panda and Penguin, but it's not. These guys are still very important to us when it comes to ranking, and you may not underestimate the true power of social bookmarks. As long they are legitimate and being loved by Google for a long while, you have no problem in getting backlinks with them.


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@bharath and @cheezcarls there is huge difference between your mentioned views about bookmarking, I just got confused. According to another reply of @Zirkon Kalti bookmarking experience still has significance in SEO.
What should I do in results? Which bookmarking site can be useful for me Digg or Stumbleupon if I wish to go for bookmarking?


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I don't think social bookmarking site are no longer helpful for driving unique traffic. However, try to use high-valued sites.

Manish Mishra

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social bookmarking is a nice way to develop traffic. It gradually benefits your websites and results seen in a long run.
The best part is you have to put a lesser efforts for some real traffic. It inclines so linger but this could be a great source of your traffic.

I have seen many keywords ranking with these keywords from social bookmarking website. Digg is one of its kind.