My Suggestion Boost Your Seo Rankings With Ssl/tls Certificate

The internet is evolving. Concerns over peoples personal privacy have grown into a movement that wants to see the entire internet encrypted. To push this initiative forward in August 2014, Google announced that SSL would be a ranking signal in its search result.

Google doesn't typically disclose what factors go into its ranking algorithm it is a well-guarded secret. That's why many SEO Professional and Digital Marketing Expert are so weird with this update they are constantly trying to track an unsolvable code. But Google did disclose this small component to its algorithm. The 5% ranking boost from an SSL/TLS Certificate could be the difference between showing up on page one or two.

Alka Jacob

New Member
SSL a certificate which can help you in boosting the ranking of the blog / website. As per my knowledge and experience, Google or any other search engine is giving priority to the that domains in google search result which are secured with SSL and TSL.