Help Me/Question Brad Callen's Keyword Elite Or Market Samurai?

Zirkon Kalti

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I would like to know if Brad Callen's Keyword Elite is better than Market Samurai. I've used Keyword Elite before but I have no experience using Market Samurai. Can anyone provide a good comparison on these two keyword research software. Please help me in this.


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I have already tried both of them @Zirkon Kalti, but I choose Market Samurai over Brad Callen's Keyword Elite software. You know why? Since I have compared both of them, I find Market Samurai reliable and smooth than Brad Callen's Keyword Elite software. Maybe it's just on my part, but I have experience some bugs on Keyword Elite and sometimes my computer hangs and needs to reset during that time. His software is fine and can give accurate results, maybe it's just that I need to have a better computer unit. As for Market Samurai, I have no problems with them and the results are accurate as well.


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I have used once at a time Market Samurai client has provided the software, and the results shows some part of good things.Many job providers use Market samurai and they ask if you are familiar with it. So my suggestion is buy it for building great keywords.

Manish Mishra

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I worked with Market Samurai that really an excellent program but it is not free. This really can produce some good work and better function to provide the output in detailed.

Later, since i am using Adwords, i never look back and trust me this is really like to meet angels on the earth.