Britain failing Net speed test

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There is a huge gap between advertised broadband speeds and the actual speeds users can achieve, research has shown.
A survey by consumer group Which? found that broadband packages promising speeds of up to 8Mbps (megabits per second) actually achieved far less.

Tests of 300 customers' net connections revealed that the average download speed they were getting was 2.7Mbps.

Which? has called on regulator Ofcom and Trading Standards to launch a fresh investigation into UK broadband.

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Yellow Belt

Its all to do with contention ratios

a contention of 100:1 means 100 people can use the connection to the head point at the same time. If no one is on the line when you are then you WILL get the 8Mbps

It isnt an untrue statement but idiots misread what is stated and expect 8mb when they actually get 2.7Mb~ (this is due to not everyone downloading at the same time when browsing)

If people knew what they were actually paying for ASWELL as the companies explaining to them then their wouldnt be this situation but the statement isnt true

Its like having a sale saying up to 100% off and everything is 10% off. The statementy is still true

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