Browser Caching problems

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Yellow Belt
hi sometimes i get problems with the browsers not showing an upadated image.

Normally I use IE or FireFox using f5 to clear the cache, but since I downloaded the last XP update there seems to lots of problems with them holding on to the old images.

anyone got a fix ??

Mike :)


Yellow Belt
Hi Mike

You could set Internet Explorer to delete temporary Internet files everytime you come out of Internet Explorer:

1) Open Internet Explorer
2) Click Tools
3) Click Internet Options
4) Click the advance tab
5) Scroll to the bottom and under Security tick 'empty temporary Internet files when browser closes'
6) Save settings

Also, close all applications, click run, type %temp%, click ok and clear all files.


Yellow Belt
Great tip, thans for shring this. I was not aware you could set Internet Explorer to automatically delete teporary Internet files on closure.
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