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Hi everyone,

It's nice to see you here. If any of you have plans of starting a social networking site for a closed network, like an organization, school, locality or any other community, then you are in the right place! We have developed a social networking script called "Kootali†that helps you build a reliable, effective and stable social networking site similar to FaceBook.

Kootali is an effective social networking software which allows you to build an online community site to communicate with others within your locality, school, college or work place. It allows you to upload a number of photos quickly and share them with other members/friends. It has an incredible feature known as photo tagging. It helps your users to mark specific people in the photograph. And help others to identify the highlighted person.

Kootali allows you to embed videos from popular video sharing sites such as You Tube, Metacafe etc. It also includes special features such as 'What are your friends doing?' and mini feed through which one can view their friends' activities on the home page and their own activities on the profile page, respectively. Information can be shared through 'notes'. Kootali provides a good market place to sell or buy anything from any part of the planet. The look and feel of the site can be fully customized to your needs, whether it is a minor change or a completely different design. It allows your users to invite friends from other contacts maintained in webmail services, and helps increase site traffic.

We can also help you modify your site, if you require further enhancements. Our technical support team will be able to help you with it.

Even with all these extraordinary features, the price of Kootali is $397. But now, as a Christmas and New Year offer, we've reduced our prices and Kootali is now available at $297only! For your benefit and to make things easier for you, we have EMI plans as well.

See for yourself how it works, by going through the Kootali Demo.
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