My 2 Cents Build Trust Among Customers And Make Your Website Secure By Using Ssl

Prasoon Arora

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While visiting any web page, the first point that comes in mind is whether the website is secured or not.

Remember, while accessing website where https:// comes before the url, related to social networking, banking, online shopping zones and many others.

You may begin up using SSL, to build trust among your customers and make your website secure.

Follow the steps as mentioned below :
1. Create Subdirectory in your file manager and name it as "ssl" (all lowercase).
2. Now place all the pages or forms or else to your ssl directory.
3. Mention the page index.html in ssl, that displays the homepage of your website.

You are all ready to set up SSL for your website, visit your website and it is all secure.


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Sounds pretty nice idea, I was doing it but in a different way. Do you suggest any particular SSL format for doing this? a


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Pardon me for this segue. I have 3 browsers - Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. Only Firefox can successfully open Facebook while the other 2 browsers give an error message as if I am accessing a bogus site. When I inspected the problem, the SSL is giving my browsers (Chrome and Opera) the problem. I have tried the suggestions like opening on a phantom mode but to no avail.

Is there anyone who can tell me how Chrome and Opera access Facebook without a problem?

Prasoon Arora

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@rayone :
It all depends on the type of server and devices you are using. Installing of SSL requires formatting and encoding of files. What rest matter is the type of file extension types and formats of encoding. You have to make sure that what your server or device supports and is compatible with. You may also consider your Web Hosting service providers to provide the list of files they support for SSL.

@Alexandoy :

There are themes and plugins of your browser which provides compatible mode to your browser to run any site. SSL caused the errors 107 if your browser do not allows any secure website to get opened. Facebook is one of the secure site, referring to its url starting from https:// would suggest you to follow the steps as mentioned below :

Chrome :
  1. Clear cache and history of browser.
  2. Click the menu icon
    on the browser toolbar and go to settings.
  3. Click the Show advanced settings... link.
  4. Click Content Settings... in the "Privacy" section.
  5. In the "Cookies" section of the dialog that appears, make sure Allow local data to be set is selected to allow both first-party and third-party cookies.
  6. Click Close.
  7. In order to enable SSL, in the "HTTPS/SSL" section, make sure the Check for server certificate revocation checkbox is selected.
Would ask you to follow the steps to enable SSL in firefox as well.


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@Prasoon Arora, thank you very much for the free technical assistance regarding my Chrome problem. However, after following your instructions, it still cannot access Facebook, still giving the same error message. I had already posted this problem in 2 other forums before but it seems no one could answer.

Okay, here is an added information that would make it more confusing. My office computer is very much the same with my home computer in the hardware configuration and operating system. However, when it comes to the Chrome, my home computer cannot access Facebook while my office computer can. I'm really intrigued by that.

Prasoon Arora

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@Alexandoy :

I really appreciated your efforts made in following the steps mentioned by me.
Now if these steps do not work, then there would be the reason fo Facebook Adblocks. Would request you to please disable the adblock as it would not be compatible to your chrome plugins installed.

Do follow the steps as mentioned below :
  • Disable the adblock.
  • Run the chrome in compatible mode.
  • Delete the cache and history.
  • Then restore your Chrome settings.
For further assistance, please attached the error message or if comfortable can provide the Facebook url, as it may include the error path in it.


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I think security is one important feature that we need to have in our own respective websites for good. I have a problem with my websites before, and lack of security is one thing that I didn't consider the most. This information is very important for those of you who are so concerned about your website's security once and for all. Right now, my Wordpress blogs are having security plugins already in which is a plus for me, but it would be better if I am going to include on what you have shared here man. Thanks again for sharing this man.

Pooja Sharma

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Using SSL in your website builds trust with the customers. Websites which promote products to sell online, or ask for any payment transaction can not be trusted at all. If these types of website requires any type of confidential information they have to first make their website secure by using SSL atleast before makiny these type of transactions trust it the only factor that is considered to its extreme.


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Securing your website using the SSL is definitely a great advantage. It's not just you, but all your customers will be benefited. In doing business, it's very important to gain your client's trust and it starts with a safe transaction.

Zirkon Kalti

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The majority of the SSL Certificates will display detailed information of the website including URL, company name, and business address. It will mention the expiry date of the certificate and the Certificate Authority, which refers to the company where you purchase the SSL. When you land on a page protected by SSL, the browser will attempt to establish an SSL connection to see if the certificate is still valid. At the same time, it also check if the SSL certificate is issued by a trusted authority.
Due to the arrival of internet, numerous opportunities have come up on the global marketplace and consequently the corporations doing on-line enterprise is mushrooming. However, the clients are nevertheless no longer able to make the maximum of this opportunity, as they're involved about the safety of the transactions that take place over the internet. To clear up this hassle, the corporations can take the assist of ssl certificate. To recognise that you are coping with the proper man or woman or the right organization, you'll should load his/her root certificate at the browser you are using the certificate will have information about owner such as name and email address and usage of certificate and its validity.

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer technology helps in creating a link between the browser and the server. The link is encrypted and with the help of this link the data that passes through the browser to the server, remains confidential and integral. This technology is being utilized by hundreds of thousands of companies to relax the online transactions for the ease in their clients. The websites need an SSL certificate to generate hyperlinks for SSL. A SSL certificates allows you to set up your credentials while doing enterprise or different online transactions at the net. You can gift a SSL certificate electronically to prove your identity or your right to get admission to record or offerings on-line. SSL certificates bind an identity to a pair of electronic keys that can be used to encrypt and signal digital information. A SSL certificates makes it feasible to affirm someone's claim that they have the right to apply a given key, supporting to prevent humans from the use of phony keys to impersonate different customers. Used at the side of encryption, SSL certificates offer a more entire protection solution, assuring the identification of all parties concerned in a transaction

The use of those certificates is for ensuring the protection of transactions in your customers. Once you have got ensured the safety of the transactions, you'll be able to experience the benefits of your on-line enterprise to the maximum. The operations and transport will be cost effective and you'll be able to get customers from the worldwide market. Once you have a patron base, you may be capable of find approaches to marketplace your commercial enterprise the usage of new advertising strategies. You will additionally be capable of provide new products and expand your commercial enterprise thru net.

Your clients will have confidence on your organisation and the online operations. The clients may be of the factor of view that your save considers their protection critically and their credit score card statistics is not shared with absolutely everyone else whilst they perform a transaction. While the SSL certificate is installed on a website, a padlock icon will be seen on the bottom line of the navigator. Whilst the website has an extended validation certificate, the folks that employ Mozilla FireFox, Opera, or the internet Explorer will be able to see that their cope with bar turns green. Make certain your website has an SSL certificate in your internet site in order that your clients can carry on with the transactions in an clean way.

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