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Tutorial Building A Useful Database

Discussion in 'Freelancer Forum' started by Mariysuma, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Mariysuma

    Mariysuma New Member

    Oct 9, 2018
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    Ask any Internet marketer what their top tip for a successful campaign is and they will tell you it is essential to build a "list". By this they are referring to the creation of a mailing list, or a database that contains the potential customer's name and, at the very least, their e-mail address . Many people ask for more information than this, such as a mailing address, the prospect's date of birth, their telephone number etc - this will vary, and depend on the purpose of the list - but you should always have some means of contacting the prospect after they have left your site. Building and maintaining a website can require considerable effort; without this data you have no chance of contacting that casual visitor again and turning him or her into a customer. Make sure yours is an Opt-In list But how do you go about getting people to sign up? Well, obviously you need visitors to the site, and that usually requires some great original content regularly updated. Then, I use a signup form on my website. This could be something simple - a box with two fields for Name and E-mail, and a Submit button - or a professionally made signup form created by graphic designer. The critical factor with any email list, however, is to get the prospect's permission before you send information to them. Junk e-mail We all hate getting junk e-mail and legislation in the USA and Europe has made spamming a criminal offence so great care must be taken to verify that the prospective customer really wants to hear from you again. The way most people achieve this is by sending an "opt-in" email to the prospect as soon as they hit Submit. This e-mail contains a link that must be clicked before their details are added to your list - in other words, it verifies their subscription. That way, there can be no argument in the future and you can be certain that everyone on your list is there because they want to be.
    Contract from,
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    zip code: 5801
    country; Bangladesh
    Email : sales@latestdatabase.com
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