My 2 Cents Business Should Not Be Specific To Any Particular Age

Prasoon Arora

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It is being said that if any business is being established considering any specific age do not results in good revenue as limitations do not comes while establishing business. If any product or business belongings are established with varieties of products available to all have more chances to earn from all and provides a clear image to improve the working for providing better services to its users.

steve taylor

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when you set up a business age is not big matter. Metter is that how much powerful of your business idea anyone can open up a business but idea is grow up your business very fastly and it is come with business experience .In India A traveling agency ola its CEO only 20 year old and it is very popular and his business is increased day by day and it is cover most of the city in India.


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I disagree with this. Niche marketing targets a certain market. If you try to appeal to everyone, you will probably create a mediocre product, because you are not trying to cater to a particular user.
If you have a perfect business idea and you capable to establish business with new invention and innovation then age does not a matter.
but a certain age human being understands business environments,business strategy,implement something new.
As i think if you capable to do with
team work,
Leadership quality,
Inspiration and Motivation,
then you grow up and age does not matter.

Pooja Sharma

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@dcristo :

If any business is open to all, and have the capability to support all in terms of their requirements and market values, business growth would be secured. I have experienced number of brands like amazon, alibaba, snapdeal and more that are being followed by number of others startups. Now the business have to work with the fact, that having more option for all would be the key benefit to lead others.