Buy Diggs -- Have You Ever Done It? Advice?

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To keep a long story short, I've been looking at buying votes with and I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with buying digg votes or any other bookmarking site votes? There's not a lot of information about it online (mainly I think because it's kinda frowned upon and people don't like to admit they've done it) but I was just thinking I might take a stab in the dark and ask before I buy some votes.

If not that's fine -- I'm going to get some anyways and I'll post my results up here for everyone to see, for the sake of interest, if nothing more.:)


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No, I've never paid for votes. As you say, it is frowned upon, because it just falsifies the whole system.

I'm sure though that where there's a buyer there will always be a willing seller.


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I have heard of people buying it, I don't know if they were successful or now, go ahead with your and lets know if it helps you achieve you goal



no, i've never than that before, i never been payed for doing social voting!
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