For Sale!

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URL(s) of site?

Age of site?
Around 9 Months

Approximately monthly page views and/or unique visitors?
No serious traffic at all, maybe a visitor or 2 per day. Site needs promotion.

How does the site generate income? How much?
Almost none at the moment. But it can generate by google adsense and some affiliate programs.

Who develops content and administers the site? How much time does it require?
You might probably want to put up some new content. And that's about it.

What is the monthly cost of running the site?
None, except for web hosting. If you want to, I can provide you with some hosting for a few months for free.

Reason for selling?
I have started with new projects, so I have no longer time for this one.

Will you help with the transition of the site to the new owner?
Depends on the offer. You probably need to get some new affiliate IDs.

Does the site have an ezine or newsletter? Number of subscribers?

What all does the site include?
Some content, a nice design and the domain

Asking price for the site?
I will consider all serious offers. But I'm not going to just give away this for a few bucks. The highest bid is at the moment $200 USD.

Private message me or reply in here if you have any questions.

Not open for further replies.