My Experience Buying Ads On Bing Is Pretty Decent.


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I buy about $50 worth of ads on Bing each month. From my perspective, it is a profitable form of advertising based on my niche ( medical).

There are two things that stand out to me when comparing Bing to Google Adwords. The first being that the minimum bid on Bing is $.05, while on Adwords it is only $.01 This limits me a lot on Bing, since at $.05, only a fraction of my content is profitable, and so I don´t advertise the other pages. With Adwords, at $.01, I can advertise everything I want.

But the thing in Bing´s favor is that you can pay them using paypal, Google Adwords requires credit card payments. Because most of my income comes to paypal, this creates an automated cycle whereas with Adwords, I have to transfer money around.

Remember, just because Bing search has a smaller marketshare than Google search, does not mean each individual user is less profitable to you.

Zirkon Kalti

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I think those who perform a search on Yahoo and Bing are those who are looking to spend money compared to those who use Google to look for free stuff. This is why using Yahoo and Bing might have a higher conversion than Google Adwords.
Actually, bing may have some positive aspect to it, but truthfully it's search engine isn't at a level that I can deem very useful when searching for things, it's quite bad, but to think of it most people are always looking for ways to rank at google and forget the other search engines, which is bad for them.


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I know nothing about Bing Ads. I have never used this ad network. I am interested to run Bingg ads on my website. Can you share relevant info aout how to apply for Bing Ad and how to run ads on my website. I am interested to learn about alternative to Google Adwords. I want to monetize my website through Bing because I don't have a Google Adsense


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To actually put Bing ads on your website is more difficult than Adsense, Bing does not really deal with small content providers, instead they put ads on their search results as well as a few select large websites. What I wrote about is more comparing Bing ads with Adwords ( buying advertising).