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No Ads ! No Poups ! No Banners ! No Posting ! 100% Free

Who are we?
We Are The People From Asia , We Are Here To Deliver You
The Best Kind Of Services Than a Paid Host Can!

Our Mission
Byondspeed Free Webhosting Is Dedicated To Those People
Who Cant Afford Or Purchase Hosting
Many people underestimate a great amount of free webhosts
in the industry but the truth is "It may be free but it
doesn't mean it isn't as good as something you pay for".
We aim to impress customers and show them that a free
webhost really can be as good as any paid webhost out there.

Our Servers:

All of our servers meet the following specifications:

* Operating System: Linux Redhat Enterprise
* Processor: Intel Pentium 2.4ghz processors
* Hard Disk : 400GB
* Bandwidth : 3200Gb
* Hosted In : U.S.A

Free Webhosting Specifications:
No Ads ! No Poups ! No Banners ! No Posting ! 100% Free

* No Ads Or No Forum Posting Needed
* Domain ( Or Sub Domain (
* cPanel 10.2.0 [Latest]
* Fantastico Deluxe 2.8 [Latest]
* 200MB Disk Space
* 10GB Bandwidth
* Unlimited MySQL Databases
* Unlimited FTP Accounts
* Unlimited E-mail Accounts
* Unlimited E-mail Forwarders
* Unlimited E-mail Aliases
* Unlimited Subdomains
* Unlimited Addon Domains
* Unlimited Parked Domains
* PHP Support
* CGI Support
* PERL Support
* JAVA Support
* E-Mail, Helpdesk and Forum Support services
* Special 3 Hours Response Support For Paid Members
* 99.9877% Uptime Guaranteed!

So Why You Are Waiting For ?
Just Join

How long will it take for my account to be setup?

It could take up to 72 hours depending on how many hosting requests need to be filled. but normally we activate accounts within 10 - 15 mins

Account Upgrades:
If you need additional space/bandwidth added to your account with the use of Your Forum Points please go to:
Account Upgrade Section
Located At

Customer Support:

E-mail Support For Paid Members Only

Help Desk Support For Free Members

Help Desk Support For Paid Members

Community Forum:[/color]

Want to have your say about our service?

Feel free to post your testimonials in the Customer Testimonials forum.
Located At

We accept and appreciate all positive and negative testimonials from all of our customers whether they may be FREE or PAID By Forum Points. :D Smiley

We Have Experience In Web Hosting Industry For More Than 2 Years

99.98777% Uptime Guarantee!

We GIve Importance To Uptime Because We Care Our Members & Their Sites
and if we fail to Deliver The 99.98777% all of our members will get their
space & bandwidth trippled x 3

Note: This Downtime Doesnt Apply On The Downtime Caused By Server Rebooting

How can I promote Byondspeed?

* Tell your friends and family About Byondspeed
* Post AT Different Communities About Byondspeed :D
* Link back to Byondspeed from your hosted website :D

Pre-Signup Questions:
Feel free to register at the forum and ask all your pre-signup questions in the Pre-Signup Questions forum
Located At [url]

Thanks for choosing Byondspeed! We hope you enjoy your time with us!
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