Help Me/Question C# Vs .net Programming

Doominic anderson

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What is the basic difference between both of the programming language C# and .Net?
Which language is best in terms of providing tools and their uses by the professionals while developing software?
If you have worked on both or may be knowledge of any one please share some experience which helps me.


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Hello @Doominic anderson,

.NET is a framework comprised by several technologies; C# is the flagship programming language for the .NET framework.

There are many languages targeting .NET, you can find a list hosted on Wikipedia: List of CLI languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Did you mean C# vs VB.NET? If so, you can find an article on their differences at MSDN, as well as a very good overall comparison with language history, syntax comparison and snippets of code at: Comparison of C Sharp and Visual Basic .NET - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hope it helps.
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steve taylor

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.NET support the various programming languages like C, C++, VB.NET, C# . with the help of .net we can develop a software program in any language which is supported by it.
Whereas C# is a programming language which is used for software development.