Call the midwife!

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Been reading the life and times of a midwife from the 1950's who's round was in the eastend of london.
can't put it down, and i've even read the birth bits through me fingers :shock:
great book.

malc the hammer

I once read a book called Ambulance!! It was written from the crew members point of view by one of the crew members.

One of the funniest stories in the book concerned an accident that he attended. The accident involved a police car, when chatting (as you do!!) to the driver of the police car it emerged that the passenger was sampling a new flavour crisps, and passing some to the driver. As they approached a junction, the driver asked "Anything left...?" to which the reply came back "No!" so the driver pulled out and collided with a car.....fortunately no-one was seriously hurt!!

Not open for further replies.