Help Me/Question Can Anyone Tell Me What Are The Best Hosts For Hosting Php 7 Based Websites?


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I have read a lot that PHP 7 outperforms the previous versions of PHP. I am thinking of moving all my websites to PHP 7 so that my sites enjoy a better loading speeds.

Manish Mishra

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I understand your situation. I believe if you don't want to wear an old outfit get an extra advance and rapid server from siteground or godaddy. Both are having a lot of happy customers and the prices are also good comparing to the market.


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Yes, you've read correctly. PHP 7 is much faster than previous versions.
A week ago, I was also searching the same.
There are lots of hosting that provide PHP7 hosting.
I've found many hosting providers provide benchmark of php 7 on their hosting.
Few of them can be found below. You can read their blog.


I'm with Cloudways since Nov 2015, found it very optimized, 1 click application installations and they've integrated advance cached technologies like NGNIX, Varnish and Memcached to boost page load performance.

Hope, my research would be helpful to you.