Help Me/Question Can Google Plus Help Increase Your Brand’s Visibility Online?


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In the last couple of years, Google Plus has grown steadily into a social network for individuals, businesses and brands. After its recent redesign, its importance has become more than ever before, especially when it comes to mobile users. This is the time for brands looking for increased visibility online to get active.

Social media websites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are still the best for marketing, but Google does have some benefits too. It allows you to integrate directly with YouTube, top Google search results and niche communities. And with Collections, their new feature, you will find it easier to find influencers and topics to help with target marketing.

Unlike the other social networks, you get more control over the content viewed through Google Plus. It's easier to connect with your audience and write lengthy posts. As the content appears in search engine results, your brand's expert status will be established along with links to your website. Here are a few of the other benefits of building your brand on Google Plus:

User interests

While a lot of people use Google to post content, images and videos, it's a great platform for finding and connecting with others who share similar interests as well. Groups are now prolific and with Collections, information can be pulled from your Circles directly to help your brand narrow down the interests of your audience.

Mobile reach

Google's made a number of improvements to the speed and appearance of its platform on smartphones and tablets. This gives rise to the opportunity of connecting with an expanding network of people who are on their mobile devices when searching for information or communicating through social media.

Search and hashtags

This is another great feature. Just like Facebook Graph, the Google network is now going to help your brand get precise suggestions and results using a simple hashtag entry.


It's important to target the correct audience that is genuinely interested in what you are offering too. With groups and Collections, you will get rid of wasted views and be able to increase comments, shares and plus ones.

Design and functionality

The design and functionality has been updated as well which allows you to reach more users through topics, targeted content and Collections.


Posts don't just reach direct followers but also have a higher visibility in YouTube and Google searches. The proper hashtags can help increase your reach to the correct users. Posts can even be made on multiple groups to target specific online groups.

Promotion and management

Company pages can be managed easily since they are synced with all other marketing tools and products by Google for the same username. Additional managers may be added to a page through Gmail accounts. A +1 button on your website will also help drive more traffic to your page.

SEO advantages

It provides access to excellent analytic data through insights. There are a number of sections that show statistics on posts, visibility, and demographics. You can view the posts with the most reach, the posts that did well and details about the people visiting your page. Linking the page with your website directly will also help increase visibility stats and bump your site in Google search results.

It is about time you got back on board and started increasing the visibility of your brand.


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You have mention some good points.
But I still have doubt using gplus, unless and until you have large number of followers to your page.
Not many people are on gplus, the market of FB, twitter and pinterest is very strong.


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Yes, I am not sure either. Google Plus does seem to have some merit but it also seems to be the one social network that is dying. Maybe Google never understood social media. We all remember what happened to Orkut. This is their second attempt and it seems to be failing.

Can anyone post their personal experience or results here for others. Looking for feedback here.


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The question of this thread is can Google Plus increase brand visibility? Yes, of course! Google Plus is also a kind of social media, where you get to share posts, upload images, and interact with other users. But it is not as effective as Facebook or Twitter since Google Plus is not widely used as of today, however in case of advertisement it can truly help.


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But if it is not widely used then is it worth spending on advertising campaigns? Are we reaching a demographics that is not already available through other platforms like FB / Twitter etc? Then again what is the average conversion ratio? If it is more then we should invest in it but if it is less than others then why should we?

That is the real question for me. What do I really get out of g+ that I am not getting anywhere else? I know people who are using just fb or just twitter and then some who are on neither of them believe me.


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Google plus can definitely help in making products or businesses visible online because users usually get the perks of being ranked or indexed by Google just like creating channels in Youtube. Good Google plus profiles will also earn a lot of followers especially if the content is always fresh, updated and engaging.


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Here is what I found out. So metimes I see results from people who shared something on their google plus profile. Google search shows results from google plus based on your network. So the more people have me in their circles, the more results they will get in their search from my site.

steve taylor

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Yes , Off course Google Plus is a social media It can be used for SEO . For Brand visibility various company create their Brand page on various social media and also they maintain their account. Simply if there are more followers if you share any message then it is visible to all the followers and if it is very useful product then followers also share the post.


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I got nearly 1,00,000 plus ones on one of my article, but it did not made any profits or brought any traffic. All it looks like bots liked my article. I cannot view who liked that article, but at Facebook we can able to view who has been made like.

By engaging on google plus really make some changes in Serp increases. Although it all depends upon the followers that are real people.

niranjan kumar

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Google Plus help a lot in increase your brand visibility online. A lot of users, community and pages in Google plus, where you can share your post or content for getting more +1. If you are sharing a valuable and unique content you got a lot of Google plus +1, that high your branding visibility online.


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You should pay for likes or plus ones because they are definitely bots. They have these softwares that create accounts in bulk and can even solve captcha. Try to engage with your customers.

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Yes, Google+ really can help one's business in an effective manner to make it reach to most people out there. This is the another great method when you can use your posts and images together for a stunning outlook for the posts you share with the people.