Help Me/Question Can I Add Paypal Account On Freelancer Website With Different Name?

steve taylor

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I face a problem with adding my paypal account on the freelancing websites. Because my debit card is not enabled for international transection . So I want to add my brother paypal account with my freelancer account . This process is possible or not.If you have any suggestion and idea then reply me as soon as possible.


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There are no problem in this process you can add anyone debit or credit card that are supported by Paypal.
You can control your Paypal account transaction such as your monthly income not with draw automatically in that card, Add your any bank account and set Paypal auto withdraw in this account .
You have also no problem when you are connecting your freelancer account.

niranjan kumar

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You required
  • Your PayPal account.
  • Your bank account.
  • Someone credit/debit card that support international transaction.
  • Add your bank account in PayPal account and verify it take 4-5 business days.
  • Add someone credit/debit card in your PayPal account.
  • Connect your PayPal account to freelancer account.
  • Now you can withdraw money from freelancer to PayPal and PayPal to your bank account.

Doominic anderson

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Yes,you can add your brother's account if you have a problem with your account,because you cannot add more than one account with the same name,but different account can accepted by freelancer.
But before add the account first see all the required information which you have to give,don't give any related information you have already use with your Paypal account.
You can also use Payoneer to get amount from freelancer.


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Adding your Paypal account with different name on freelancing website have no issue. Because you can withdrawal money in any Paypal account . But in the case of express withdrawal, back account should be yours and name should be matched with profile name of freelancing website. Also they ask for pan card number.

Swati Mishra

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Any new PayPal account is acceptable on freelancer site, but it is not more than one account with the same name and the PayPal also accepted any Debit/ Credit card.

Manish Mishra

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You can add the PayPal account wit any other name, they will just initiate the payment to the PayPal e-mail address you have them with your account for transactions. There is no need if you are not intended to SCAM, anyway. But a good practice is to be good to yourself and keep all the data as it is.
More fair you are better it will be for your business grow up and so not to face any problems in future.
Once, i had changed the address and lacking no proof of address and my account with skrill get ban. Somehow, i managed to get my account back and that was the lesson.


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I suggest to you use as what they said on their website because changes may wont happen in future. If you don't have PayPal account, then get an account for you. anyway PayPal account has nothing to do with your Freelancer account.