Help Me/Question Can I Drive Traffic From Social Media On My Blog Monetized With Various Affiliates?


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I have a blog on Coupons & offers, which I have monetized with many Affiliates, but being new in this field, I am not able to drive traffic from search Engine. So, anybody let me ,whether I can drive traffic from Social media on my blog? Whether it will drive Sales or it will be a worthless Traffic?
Well, There is no doubt that you can easily drive traffic from Social media Sites, but that traffic will not be targeted, specially when compared to Search Engine Traffic.
But you can still generate some sales by keeping an eye on your social media.
First of all, I would like you to share your content in FB Groups, on Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter in different timings and then, check the bounce rate of the traffic, it will give you a fair idea about the traffic, the lesser the bounce rate, the more targeted traffic. So, then you can easily drive some targeted visitors, which will result in some sales.
I hope this helps.


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it is a difficult area because there is already so much spam. You could/should start a facebook page as well as a twitter account, but my gut says you won´t get many people to listen to you... people are really tone-def unless you are marketing a very specific coupon.


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This thread is pretty old I hope i am not spamming by replying.
Coupons niche are very competitive, more the competitive more spamming required to rank.
What you can do is - research on audience,find them on relevant sources and try to divert them to your social media network.
When you have vast number of audience on social network, you site will be automatically recognized on search engine but still you have to do some basic SEO.
You can't defeat big coupon website that are already ranked in search engine, so only best idea is you direct target the audience by engaging them on social media network and with some basic SEO.


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In order to get traffic from search engines, you must have enough contents that make extensive use of keywords, keyphrase long tail search term. If you only have offers and coupons, you cannot get traffic from search engines, you must have well written contents based on he offers and coupons. Yes, you can use social media to pull traffic and sales. You can share on your timeline or facebook page

Zirkon Kalti

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You can drive traffic to your coupon sites by using social media sites such as Pinterest or Tumblr. The key is to gain lots of followers on these sites. The more followers you have, the higher the number of people will visit your coupon site and browse the coupons. In turn, this also increase the chances of people purchasing products via the coupon links on your site. You will need hundreds and thousands of followers to see some results. One thing to keep in mind is to never use copyrighted images although the images may look sharp and high quality for attracting people to follow you.


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I use social media to share my blogs. Since my blogs are entertainment related and write mostly about what's trending, I share it along with the trending hashtag. But of course, the hashtag is accordingly to the topic. But with your topic about coupons, I am not sure if it will draw lots of traffic. But just try it as long as you have lots of followers.


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Post a link and try it. Then report back to us what happened. Let us know how the stats were. Did you get sales or anything, etc...


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Go for social media traffic as long it's targeted and has real audience. In that way, not only you'll get some traffic spike, but it has a snowballing viral effect as well due to the sharing abilities. I have an autopilot dog blog recently launched less than 24 hours ago, and I'm planning to use Twitter and Facebook as my traffic sources than doing SEO. It's tough right now to optimize our niche blogs due to tough competition and has updated algorithm as well. Social media is the best traffic source to monetize right now due to their engagement ability. Just my own two cents.

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You need to join more and more groups on Facebook, that is related to your content or similar content. You need also make a Facebook fan page in your website categories. Promote your as fan page as much as you want, But make sure not done very much in a single day Facebook may block you.

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You can have as many affiliate networks you want to add to your website tom monetize your blog but having a traffic from social media will just enhance your website to get more out there among people.
It also help you increase sales and so the commission for you.