Help Me/Question Can I Get Google Adsense Account Through My Banla Blog?

steve taylor

White Belt
You can create your blog in two language like Bangladeshi language and English language. If you which support both languages then you are able to register them google ad sense and you can make money by ad. If you want to create your blog in Bangladeshi language only then you are not able to register your blog with google ad sense.

Swati Mishra

Content Writer
the best way to get an approved Adsense account is to wait for 3 months or more. Add as many useful and original content you can, have a simple yet genuine and cool template and then apply for your piece of Adsense account. I assure you will not be discarded.


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Concentrate on English language blog as it makes more amount than from your Bangla advertisers. It is a local language so try to check if there are any local ad publishing networks from your country. You won't be making high CPC from Adsense as Bangladesh advertisers must be in low competition.

niranjan kumar

White Belt
Due to lake of country wise viewers and other google policy, currently there are no any option in google adsence for only Bangladesh language. if you want to make you website in international language you are able to make some money through google adsence.