Help Me/Question Can I Take Skrill Master Card From Bangladesh?


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Do they offer Debit cards? what is the fee for getting a debit card and also about transaction fees. The best option is transfer funds to your bank and then cash out with Bank ATM. look which one goes for less fees either Skrill card or bank card?


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I have a Skrill account .There have many money .Recently I withdrawal payment to my local bank.But I want to take my payment through Skrill debit card.
Yes, I think it does. However, with the fee involved, it may acutually turn out to be more expensive than wire transfer due to the costs involved in during dispatch and usage. Still a lot depends on how and when you want to withdraw your funds. Anyways, thats a different question.

Doominic anderson

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It is good for your use and convenience if you have a skrill debit card,but first you should have check it's condition and service charge to get this debit card from Bangladesh.

If it's all terms and condition satisfies you then there is no issue to take it,otherwise i suggest you to use this account as you use it through your local bank.