Help Me/Question Can I Use My Google Adsense Ads On My Friend's Website?

Doominic anderson

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We all know that google adsense is a medium to earn good amount through displaying the ads on our website provided by adsense.
Can i use google adsense ads on my friend's website,is it allowed by adsense or my google adsense account will be banned if i use it?


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google adsense is a good way to earn money by simple putting ads on your website.
you can use that on your friend's website if you know your id and password but t.his will be the loss of your friend as he/she wont earn money.all the money will came into your account.
but if you are loyal then you can give that money to him/her by meeting personally.

steve taylor

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Yes, you can use your google ad sense account for your friend website . Google ad sense provide flexibility to manage more no of channels website with single ad sense account. But your friend are not able to receive money in own account , Because google credit the money in your account . Also your friend not able to manage google ad sense account.
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Yes, you can use your Adsense on your friend website, but first add his site under your account. Make sure to check that your friend Adsense account shouldn't get banned or his site too.
P.s This should be only for temporary as so many complained in he past with revenue sharing sites too.

Swati Mishra

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As long as you are able to proof the ownership by inserting the codes, you can use your Adsense to whichever websites you want to put your ads on. It is all about confirming the ownership once. It is not an easy job your friend need to put some codes in his/her website before you go apply.

Zirkon Kalti

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I know that Google only allow one Adsense account per household so that means that if one of the family member got approved for Adsense, another family member won't be qualified unless he moved to a different address. You can share Adsense code with your friend and identify the ad by using channels so that you know how many clicks are from your friend's site.


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Yes you can use your google ad sense ads on your but if you have authorization of your friend website and Google ad sense allow to add more than one website in his account.
only add some code in your friend website.

niranjan kumar

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There are no problem when you are adding your friend website in your google adsence account. there are no any problem or criteria that ban your account due to you are trying to add your friend website.
i also add my friend website in my google adsence account.


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First thing is Website must follow the google adsense criteria for ad publishing. If your friend website follow the such google adsense rules then you can register your friend website with your google adsense account. It does not matter who is the owner of the google adsense account.