Help Me/Question Can I Use One Adsense Account For My Multiple Youtube Channel ?

steve taylor

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Yes, You can use google ad sense account for multiple you tube channel even though for multiple websites also.Google Ad sense provide great flexibility to manage your account as you want. Google ad sense one of the best ad provider channel and also its pay highest money as compare to all channels like Bing ,Yahoo etc
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Google won't allow multiple accounts and it will lead to terminate your accounts if they found breaking terms. You should use only one account either for websites or YouTube for generating Adsense revenue.


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You can also use one adsense account for your multiple YouTube channel Because adsense approval is needed for every YouTube channel.
I have all ready 2 YouTube channel both of are verified by adsense, and adsense is important for YouTube channel it's generate your traffic report and generate your YouTube channel revenue.

Swati Mishra

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Yes, you can add add many YouTube channels with your Adsense account and it should be a perfect practice to generate the more income for you. This will also help you to manage all the incomings and payment to one place.


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Hi, I have already gained a youtube adsense account for my one youtube channel.But I want to know .Can I use this account for my multiple youtube channel? Please help me.

Yes! you can add youtube Adsense account for multiple youtube channel.

Follow the tutorial I have just created it for you and people who are seeking help to know what is the procedure. It is very easy to go.

Tutorial - How To Add Multiple Youtube Channles With One Adsense Acoount

niranjan kumar

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Yes, you can do. Google adsence have freedom to add many and many YouTube channel for earning, you can also add some website for earning. all earning in counted in one account.
I have also many YouTube channel and website that i added in single adesnce account.


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Of course you can use your adsense account for multiple you tube channels. You can use use single google account for every google application.
Example -If you have gmail account then you can use gmail account every where on the google website there are no need for create separate account for each application like gmail , google map , you tube etc. as like gmail you can use your adsense account also.


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No. Publishers are not permitted to maintain multiple AdSense accounts under the same payee name. However, we've provided some guidance below that may help you if you're trying to submit multiple applications. ... Two different names and addresses are essentially two different people, and a lot of people share surnames.