Can inbound link hurt a site?

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There was a thread on a forum on this matter with different opinions, now share your view: Really can any inbound link from a link farm or black hat site hurt the site it's linking to?


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If all of your links are from those types of places then I'm pretty sure it will hurt sooner or later. Don't link out TO them, is something I'd suggest.

But yeah you will get yes an no answers. It's just not exactly great SEO practise either way is it? Well for the link farms anyway. If you aren't asking those black hat sites to link to you, you can't really control that. It may be easier to get links like that...but I think tis only a matter of time before Google starts penalising more for these types of things.

Of course there are going to be people who will disagree with me :)


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Yes, there are some kind of inbound links which would hurt your ranking. I really do not want to give ideas but there are many way to achieve this.


well it depends on the inbound links(IBL's), if the IBL's differs from your site niches it will drag your SERP to a low rank, remember the IBLS are the food source for your SERP, the many relevant IBLS on your site the higher rank of your site and site's KWS...
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