Help Me/Question Can We Create Dynamic Title And Description


I have an e-commerce dynamic website which has only one page..If some search for a particular product then it will dynamically generate a page for it. So please tell me how to give title and description for those autogenerate pages.


It is possible to dynamically generate the title and meta description tags for your categories, product and product detail pages. Not only are they dynamically generated but you can also add you own unique information such as company name to the title tag.
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Dynamic Meta does not written by any scripts, It is just programming languages, you can use them to any of programming language. All big websites uses dynamic Meta tags, it is not possible to write millions of page’s Meta manually, you should ask your developer.

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This is a page from my project's admin panel. I set title and descriptions for all of my pages such as home, post, category, page etc. I need these placeholders like {postname}, {creator} to be changed with my models' attributes' value. What is the best way to do it? Thanks in advance


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Dynamic title and description can be done if you generate a common structure or syntax. This can be done by the developers.


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Dynamic Meta doesn't written by any scripts, it's simply programming languages, you'll use them to any of artificial language. All huge websites uses dynamic Meta tags, it's insufferable to jot down innumerable page’s Meta manually, you ought to raise your developer.


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With the search and list LINK plugin you can create dynamic pages that are lists depending on the parameters you pass. It can create a lot pf pages Google will crawl and index. However all these pages share the same TITLE and DESCRIPTION which is very bad from a SEO point of view.