Cannot access ftp, what could be causing this?

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I had some trouble in my server earlier today, and that problem seemed to be taken care of, but it's not. It appears that ftp isn't working, i.e., I cannot access any of my ftp sites (on the same server). Of course, I contacted my host, but what could be causing this? How can something like this happen?


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If its on your side, it could be your software.
Try using a different program.
Maybe its using a different port.
Check both the username and password.

Some hosts dont allow open FTP connections anymore.
I know mine doesnt.


I actually downloaded a different ftp software, but it didn't work. If ftp configuration on the server side changed accidentally and it is causing this problem, what could it be?


You may have installed an anti-virus or a firewall, or even have WinXP upgraded to service pack 2, you have to tell the security software you use to open the FTP Ports your server use (usually 21).

(I personally use CuteFTP to manage my content via FTP.)


This might be for several reasons. Do you recieve an error? What is is saying?

If it is something "Host not found", than ask your hosting provider to look for it (probably they made some changes).
If it is incorrect username or password, than you might have changed them in the control panel of your site.
If it is connecting to FTP but is not showing anything or it is not responding, than it is your firewall.


Yup, what is the error message ?
It could just simply be a misspelled hostname/ username or a wrong password.


Well, I think Ooen must have got the solution for his issue. But he could have posted that over here. Would have been much appreciated.

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For future reference you can try the following to troubleshoot your problem:

1) Open a command prompt (Click on Start, Run, then type "cmd", press OK)
2) At the command prompt (little black window that appeared):
Type "FTP" and press the "Enter" key.
3) Type "Open" and the address of your ftp site: (Then press enter)
4) It should come up saying user with a prompt for you to enter your username. If you see this then most likely its the username and password combination causing the problem.

If you follow these steps and post any error you see in this thread I can probably help you resolve them!
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