Help Me/Question Canonical Tag Or 301 Redirect?

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
What is the difference between 301 redirects and canonical tag? Which one should be used when there are 2 different versions of a website exist for example and

niranjan kumar

White Belt
When two version of website address you need to use canonical tag, because in this situation google consider you have multiple domain and they divide all authority in different domains so when you have a domain use canonical tag for making If you have two domain you can use 301 redirect.

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
It is recommended to use 301 redirects in order to change the url of the page to be shown exactly same as shown with the results in search engines.The 301 redirect in simple words define that the page is been permanently moved to the new page.


Well-Known Member
301 means it is a permanent redirection to leave the urls to new destination for search engines too.It takes less time for implementing than Canonical Tag.

These both are used for dealing with duplicate contents and the rel= canonical tag gives same ranking factors,including link juice.

You should go with the 301 redirection rather than Canonical Tag.