Tutorial Capital Requirement In Business

Pooja Sharma

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The choice of selection of firm of business enterprise depends upon the funds required for establishment and operation. If business of huge capital investment is necessary, the join stock company organisation should be preferred. For example Iron and steel plant , chemical plant, cotton textile plant etc. If huge funds are not required for establishment and operation of business, sole tradership or partnership form of organisation will be suitable.

Prasoon Arora

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The funds or capital helps business or enterprise to get established and provides the growth in a way that whenever required, capital can be use to promote the business and can be used to modify or update products whenever required. The further factors required varies from transportation, storage, infrastructure and more.

Zirkon Kalti

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Joint venture is a great way to come up with the capital to fund the business. In joint venture, two or more entities come together to contribute their resource for starting the business. Each entity will be response for the profits and losses that occurred in the new business venture.