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The Car Trade website allows car buyers to browse available properties for free. The property listings are detailed with features, photos, dealer/individual information and driving directions linked to MapQuest.

Dealers and individual car sellers can also list their properties. After that a new dealer has registered, he/she is able to select and buy a package depending on how many offers they would like to post and for the length of time they would like to post them. Payment can be done via PayPal and registration is automated. The dealer will receive a few emails - 10 days before his account will expire, 5 days, 1 day. 24 hours after his account expiration date, all his listings and his account will be deleted automatically.


User Features:

Free or Paid Ad Options
Use PayPal or 2Checkout for payment
Multiple Currency Options
Create Full Profiles For Business or Personal
7 Newest Ads Displayed on Front Page
Upgraded Pagination Features For Easier Browsing and Searching
Site Statistics Display
Freshly Formated Ad Pages

Admin Features:

Add Articles
Add Links
Add Polls & Surveys
Google Adsense Integration
Update/Edit Logo via Admin
Add News & Updates via Admin
Add Welcome Text via Admin
New Intuitive Admin Design
Admin can add/edit/delete listings
Admin can add/edit/delete unlimited categories
Admin can add/edit/delete/approve dealers
Mailing list manager - send emails, delete subscribers, message archive
Manage the site settings - title, keywords, description, PayPal email, Contact email, company address, agreement, add/edit/delete different priorities and prices
Admin info - change username, password, name, email


Site earns revenue via ad placements and Google Adsense.

The greatest opportunity and benefit of getting this website is that you could immediately get into the hot car trade business without worrying about the technicalities. Everything include domain name, hosting, PHP scripts are all set up and running. All you need is to sign up, and operate your admin and control panel. It could save you a lot of work, back and forth trial and error, time and money so that you could solely concentrate your effort on promoting your hot website.

Price: US$ 59

The reason for selling the website is I have committed to another new project, and so you could get a good price to start building up this website.

This site is currently hosted by Please sign up a hosting package at which suits your needs.

The sites will be set up on servers. You may do what you wish with that one instance licensed to this domain name. However, you CANNOT duplicate and re-sell, duplicate in any way or reverse engineer.

Payment should be made through PayPal.

This website is fully controlled by the Admin Panel. It is sold in "as is" condition. If you want to operate outside the Admin Panel and make alternation on the content or the scripts of the website, please make sure you fully understand the PHP scripts and programming.

RETURNS - Because of the type of item being sold, returns are not accepted. The site will be in working order at the time of ownership transfer.

Please PM me or Email: if you want to access the Admin panel.


Not open for further replies.