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Conduct Exam provides you the service to establish test center at on your school/university/corporate campus. The software covers the entire gamut of services ranging from student registration to the publication of the final result. It helps the institutions to simplify the admission process also. The institutes need to just to appoint a Administrator to render the Offline Exam Software services. The institutions can manage their own question banks and exams. Provide the students with user id and Passwords. Students can login with their id and Passwords to give the test. Our tests are administered in secure, standardized conditions at center based test to ensure safe and unique testing experience with Center Based Test Software (Online/Offline). We deliver you expert technology and testing systems with high security and best services. We provide you customized services to meet all of your specific and unique test development and test delivery needs.
It is powerful web based online exam software with higher security and make it fully user friendly. So, that it will be easy for public usage.