My Experience Changing Trends Of Social Media Marketing: Facebook To Instagram


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A decade ago, any event concerning customer attraction and popularity enhancement for any product was an uphill task. A boardroom meeting coupled with stressed-out faces was one of the most tedious pictures one got to witness then. But with the entry of social media, this grim picture wears a rejuvenated face right now. Facebook, whose platform provided organisations to target audiences through the same forum, started the relay. But with many more social media websites and applications making their entry into the picture, the baton is changing hands. One such social media is Instagram. Instagram - the name strikes us with the thought of a global album in which you can share pictures. Its appearance has changed over the years and now it is a popular choice for social media marketing.
Pictorial representation always does the trick. Share your story to attract likes and support for your cause. Many people and netizens wonder as to how Instagram reached such a height of success in such a short span of time. The answer lies in the following five reasons which encapsulate the essence of Instagram completely:
  1. Pictures are always the best messages. Whether it is to promote any product for any company or garnering support for any cause, you can reach your target audience if you share the right pictures. They convey the message as it is and the message resonates in the social media world. This swells up public support and the aim to reach the society is attained.
  2. Uploading pictures of ground level customers or supporters can highlight the impact your project or cause has made. Whether it’s the picture of gleeful customers satisfied by Sony Xperia or a volatile protester protesting against some atrocities, media marketing gains a great impetus. Starting from electronic goods to garments, upholding the picture of your customer can help you promote your product more easily.
  3. Few organizations, in order to attract customers, provide coupons, discounts and promo codes. This makes the customer visit Instagram again and again, thus viewing the pictures repeatedly. Now this creates an image or liking in the mind of the customer by default as if they have seen the product physically.
  4. Organizations invite customers to paste the picture of their experiences using a specific product. With this the organisation is able to broadcast its success through the experience of their customers and attract new customers. This is a big boon for social marketing as organisations don't have to reach out to the customer physically and narrate their success story.
  5. Last but not the least, Instagram's ability to enhance accessibility. With millions of users already in its kitty, Instagram is a big house to distribute your thoughts, ideas and products. The count is increasing with each passing day and the underutilized forum which it was has experienced a sea change.
Instagram with its unique ability to exhibit pictures carves an indelible impression in the mind of the customers and helps more in social marketing than its peers.


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Social media definitely has changed the face of marketing forever. Marketing to a broad audience was prohibitively expensive for any website or startup business and the focus was mostly on local areas. Now with social media you can reach a worldwide audience for an extremely low price.


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Lately I have seen more photos on clothes, food and other goods on Instagram and I find it effective in capturing a target audience. Though Facebook still makes a good choice for getting clients, people nowadays prefer to immediately get a glimpse of an product in a photo thus they log on to Instagram.