My Suggestion Characteristics Of Good Linkedin Profile

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
The importance of LinkedIn can’t be denied at all among the famous social media networks. However, there are some differences between LinkedIn and others. The profile management system is far better and much more effective. Your profile is the most important part of your successful career. Without an attractive profile, you can’t stay for long on the current competition.

Hence, everyone on LinkedIn must have a complete and attractive profile. There are a lot of facts affecting the completeness of a profile. However, in this article I will enlist a few characteristics of a good profile. These are as follows:
Headline of Profile

This is one of the most important features of LinkedIn as compared to other social networks. It is the first thing people will see on your profile, before your name or any other personal information. It’s the only thing they will focus on while searching for a profile, or a person for hiring.

A headline must be compelling enough to attract clients and make them read your entire profile. Therefore writing a good headline about your niche is very important on LinkedIn. It consists of 120 characters and you have to play well for getting success on this factor.

Hey! My profile has a headline already written on it? What should I do now?

Don’t worry at all, it’s the default settings and a headline is automatically generated based on your skills. You can simply edit it and write your own suitable headline. Use keywords based on your niche and attractive words to generate readership.
Summary of Profile

The summary of a LinkedIn profile is the second most important thing these days. Summary is not automatically generated; rather the person has to write it alone. It can be considered as a pitch and you have to play well or you will make no runs. A good summary has following features:
  • Attention Grabber
  • Attractive Words
  • Awesome Communications
  • Keyword Rich
  • Accomplishments or recent work rewards
You must focus on your summary and write a good one, so that people could learn about you before contacting you for further discussion.

Recommendations on LinkedIn

Another important feature of this social network is testimonials or recommendations. You can ask your clients or companies to whom you have recently worked for, so that they could leave a good testimonial/ review about your service on your profile. Many people on LinkedIn don’t hire people until they see good testimonials posted on their profile. Hence, you need to focus on this fact and grab those testimonials as much as you can. Don’t be foolish by asking your friends, family members, or other people to recommend you.
Skill Set and Experience Level

A freelancer has no bosses and him/ she works without any tension. A freelancer can work in any furled or niche without any notice to other people. All of this depends upon the interest of the freelancer. A resume is well known term for a document, used to express your skills and achievements in a particular field. LinkedIn is just same and can be said as an online resume. Here you can edit your profile with proper skills you have, your achievements, and a lot more stuff.

A person can add his/her skills in the skills section and then edit them anytime. Secondly, experience section is also available for demonstrating your current working capabilities. The companies you have worked for in the past or are working with. You can also add portfolio items of your latest projects in lots of formats. All of these features will help you maintain an awesome profile on LinkedIn.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
To create a professional profile at LinkedIn, you must add as much details as possible to your profile and write a nice headline on your profile to capture people's attention. You also need to write a summary as your prospective employer will look at this before they decide to click on your profile to learn more.
If there are easy ways to beef up your profile, such as adding information to the jobs you've already listed, LinkedIn has an automated editing tool that can help.
Login. Click on Profile and then on "Improve Your Profile." You'll be walked through it all.