My 2 Cents Chitika Ad Network

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
Chitika is an ad network and data analytics firm that pays per click with offices in India and the U.S. The ads Chitika shows are there because of the keywords the user used in the search engine to find your website that they are search targeted. Ads from Chitika will not be displayed on the website if a user visits it directly by typing the website address into a browser.


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Hmmm, never heard about the ads displayed visiting through search engines, but what could they get benefit? A cheater can cheat by searching in google in order to click the ads. Anyway they have made some good things, for getting genuine clicks.

Have you ever tried by publishing their ads on your website, if so how much you made?

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
Chitika is paying very little and in fact, their CPC click rate has been dropping over the years. Sometimes, they will turn off the ads on your site if they find that your site has low conversion rate. Chitika has a low minimum withdrawal of $10 so its easy to withdraw if you only earn a little. They send your earnings to Paypal promptly every month.