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I remember myself back in 2005 having a personal project website, spinning around the Medieval world, which was a mix of virtual reality, online gaming and on-site fun. This was my best ever ranked site (PR5), rank that such website hold for years since before. I guess it was PR5 for around eight years, and it was strange because it was an ORG.UK site, not exactly the best option to rank in Google.

However, and based on the popularity and ranking of the website, I heard of Chitika, and wanted to try my luck displaying this ads on this specific site, because someone told me that they used to pay way to much better than Adsense.

Since I started with Adsense, I barely make $100 USD every one or two years!

The fact is that I happily applied to Chitika, just to find that my site was rejected. Later I learned that to be admitted into this advertising network, my site should be related to technology.

I forgot about them, and I must admit that I don't remember to have seen their ads in any website at least for the past few years.

Can someone update me what has going on with Chitika? Are they still in business as usuallly? Did they change their ad formats? Are still focusing on technology-oriented websites to accept new publishers?


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I do not have experience with Chitika personally but looking at their current blog, does not seem like they are restricted to Technology websites... considering they have an example picture of a coffee table ad on their blog page o_O I don't think a coffee table would best fit into a Technology website versus a blog talking about furniture or interior design IMHO



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It is all just about competition for your adspace. A company like Google might have 3000 companies competing with each other to put ads on your site.. Chikita might have 3. This will effect fill rates, and at the very best, Chikita would fill your site with very unrelated ads which will have a much lower CTR and because of less competition will pay less.


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Its about the quality and quantity. While Adsense has all types of publishers and advertisers from small to large, Chitika does not enjoy the same luxury. Chitika will only accept the publishers who cater to their specific needs of advertisers. One of them is publishers getting decent traffic from Search Engines. I think its the only restriction Chitika has in place for publishers. They allow blogs other than technology, even warez.


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Adsense is only good for very targeted niche sites or sites with LOTS of traffic in the 100 thousands per day.

Zirkon Kalti

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I think Chitika is placing emphasis on publishers that can generate significant income for their ads. I remember them removing all ads related to my niche so that no ads appear on my site even after I inserted the ads code.


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I have chitika account which I got via third party website. I used chitika on a third party website however, I was unable to earn a penny. I want to try chitika for my recently launched website. It is said chitika is second best ad networks after adsense. I don't know whether I can use the same chitika account again. I don't remember my chitika account details.


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Adsense can't be defeated. Chitika and other publisher networks will need to work hard to reach the popularity that Google Adsense owns.


Although Chitikta is restricted to a particular niche, I see a lot of potential in their ad models. They have similar pop up and mobile ads like google adsense and from what I've heard they payout really fast. If you are someone who doesn't care about the niche your going into, Chitika is at the top of ad networks in ppc tactics.