Choosing a shared website hosting company?

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With there being so many shared website hosting companies out there on the internet, it can sometimes be hard to choose a shared website host that suites all of your website needs

Many website hosting companies will offer many shared hosting plans with the same or simliar prices.

The best option is to use Google to do a search on a selection of shared website hosting companies and read through their customer reviews.

It is best to take the reviews with a pinch of salt with some website hosting companies due to false reviews being written.

What do you plan to do on and with this web site?
Before you go looking for your shared website hosting company, it is advised to plan everything that you may require for your website and plan for site upgrades. I.E, more disk space or bandwidth.

Whilst planning, bear in mind the cost of your prospective website hosting company and what they offer with "your" hosting plan.

In some cases; website hosting companies will offer a free domain name with their hosting plans and various other extras. Some website hosting companies also offer free website design software built in with your hosting package.

This is best advised to take as an extra feature because the online site building software can be very useful when new to website design or even when you need to make various changes to your website within a farily responsive time.

What features do you or don't you need?
When you have written up a specification of what you may need for your website; you are advised to look further into the website hosting companies to see if they provide free scripts that you may require or support scripts which you may decide to upload to the server.

Try not to get pulled in by little extras that you may not need. If there are some there that come free with the package, then great! Do not let them blind you with to many extras, they may just slow you down.

How much support are you going to need?
Good customer and technical support is always a must with all website hosting plans. Before you buy, give them a tests using there support lines and make sure they have good knowledge and are able to answer most of, if not all of your queries.
The worst thing to do is to end up with some dead end website hosting company which has good prices but a very bad support team.

Have you checked the terms of service and legal agreements?
With so many website hosting companies, there are many legal agreements that you need to make sure you read. many website hosting companies may have hidden clauses inside their acceptable use policies and terms of service which may lead to account suspension without you knowing why

Be sure to read through the terms of service and acceptable use policy to make sure that you stay within their terms and that you are not hosting anything which is forbidden on their servers.

Figure out your budget. How important is price to you?
Although choosing a budget for your website hosting plan can be the main thing on your mind. It is best to take a closer look at this during the final stage of choosing your website hosting plan.

Choosing a good website hosting company does not always mean, go for the one that offers lots for a lesser price.

There are lots of "Unlimited website hosting companies" that offer "Unlimited hosting" for a very low price.
Do not let yourself get into these too much because there is often something hidden aware in the terms of service or acceptable use policy which actually states that you do have a limit.

Write down a rough budget of what you may need and what things cost so that you have a good idea of the hostign specification and the price that it costs.


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Thank you for sharing with others. in a word, clients want to choose a shared web hosting company so that they should consider all imporant factors firstly. such as your requirement , professional customer service , the reasonable price and the function of the hosting and so on.
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