Choosing a shopping cart - how to choose the right one for your business

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Choosing a shopping cart - Fact you should be aware of
When starting and online shop or thinking about starting one, one of the most important considerations will be the ecommerce platform to use for your new venture. There are hundreds of solutions out there, this post was written in the hope that it will help you narrow down and weight the pros and cons of some options you will come across in your search for a suitable shopping cart or CMS with ecommerce functionality. The issues surrounding shopping cart is quite huge, no single article can cover it all however this post will delve into some of the most important aspects of of putting a shop online.

Shopping website or website with shopping cart
One of the key questions you need to ask yourself whether you want to start a shopping website or you want to start a website with shopping facility, it may sound like semantics but its quite significant. Explaining the difference will make this clearer.

Shopping website are website that are principally designed to sell goods or services. For example golf equipment retailer Planet Golf UK's website was set up just to sell golf equipment while website with shopping facility are website there were originally setup as information website, perhaps the popularity of the website prompted website owner to add a shopping facility.

Shopping website are easier to set up, most or the time, all you need is just the shopping cart, most shopping carts have built in CMS (Content Management System) which enables you to create information pages for you shopping website, a good example of such shopping cart is Boss Cart. For the purpose of this post, it will be assumed that you are starting a shopping website.


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I would go for the following carts:-

  • Magento Commerce (Open Source / Free)
  • PrestaShop (Open Source / Free)
  • Interspire Shopping Cart (Paid)
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