My Experience Choosing And Registering A Domain Name

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
We all wish to own our domain, wish to get the business or personal website, and want that the domain should be easily remembered, preferred, and can get response soon.

But how to own a domain, where to own a domain, and what all features should be taken care? we ,maybe ,are not aware of.

To get a domain name is very easy, but the availability of domain is the only fact that can help you to own a domain. Following is the list of top level domains :

.com is open to all, and can be registered by any person or organization.

.biz is preferred for business purposes and plays an alternate role for the growing business if their .com name is being taken.

.org is open to all. This is mostly preferred by non-profit organizations

.net is open to all, and is preferred by distributed network of computer networking.

.edu is limited to educational institutions.

.int is strictly limited to offices, or organization between two or more nations and denotes Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

.gov is limited to States governmental entities and agencies as well as qualifying state, local government agencies

.mil is limited to use by the United States military.

There are more domains, that can be registered and found on different domain service providers.
Any domain service providers , provide the support for Web Hosting services, Business Emails and Domains support in regards to DNS settings.

After you have chosen your name, you need to search the availability of domain and can easily register the domain with respective services.

More domains denoting the country are for citizen or permanent resident of the United States,.au for Australia, .in for India, .ae for United Arab Emirates and many more.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
There are so many domain extensions with the majority of the websites registered in .com and .net. Domain name extensions that not used to exist can now be registered such as .diamonds, .tips. , equipment, .graphics. and .news.