Help Me/Question Choosing The Products For Selling


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As newbies, internet marketers and sellers confused about what to sell online. Well, thousands of proeucts are there to trade and sell online, and choosing one or more could be a difficult decision to follow.

Let's share the ideas which products should we chosen to trade online.

Prasoon Arora

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Some people choose a certain investment based on what they see or what they hear about.
They sometimes go according to a recommendation made by a friend. Others may choose to follow the advice of an investment advisor or make a decision based on their own accord.
The most important fact ,whatever you decide to invest in, we strongly advise taking it slowly and cautiously. You can even use search results in Google or Yahoo, for the best recommendation at the particular time.


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My suggestion for a product to sell is an item that you know, you use, and you are very familiar with. There was a time that I sold shampoo which I get from a friend. It is an imitation shampoo but users were praising it for the good result - anti dandruff and gives glossy hair too. But I was not using shampoo for my hair, a simple soap was enough. That doesn't make me a good salesman. And my wife did better simply because she loved that shampoo and uses it herself. By that, she is a seller and at the same time a consumer.

Don't sell any product that you are not familiar with.


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One way that people choose what to sell is to look at popular trends that are currently selling on sites such as eBay.

If you are able to see what people want now, and predict where that market will lead in the future then you can try and be one step ahead of the competition and start selling the next trend, before the current one as run its course.

Just for an example...If everyone is currently buying bikes, then bike accessories or spare parts could be the way forward, that sort of idea anyway.

Doominic anderson

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If you want to sell something online,first you have to do some homework like your budget for investment,budget for internet marketing,survey of the market for the product which is highly in demand,how to start the business,how many members you need to do it e.t.c.
Survey of the market for the selection of product is very much important,because everything depends on it,if you choose the product which demand is low then it gives you lose.


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Selling products online can be quite daunting, there is a lot of choices that it can make you go the other way and run. But with the proper criteria, you might be able to find which product is the best for you to market. Here they are:

1. Is it something that you are very familiar about? For instance, I love makeup or cosmetics or anything beauty related. I had an online business store selling cosmetics from Korea. I sell brands that aren't sold in our local market.

2. Do you have a supplier? If you are aiming to sell products from other countries, you need to have an online supplier. You would need to get in touch with a person from that country. It's better if that person is someone you personally know.

3. Is it a relevant product? Do people need it? Or is it a fairly easy to sell product?

Good luck!


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All product is trade online, But it is only depend on your budget how much money spend on your product. And the most important thing is which type of skill you have and which type of product knowledge you have.
Choose some member for selling your product online it means make a good working team for your business.

Swati Mishra

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First of all, you need to first figure what niche suits you to work with. More knowledge you have more are the chances you can increase your opportunity of the success with the business. Develop a website and find the relevant products offering from your website to sell. You can enjoy the commission for each sell.
It's also depends on your budget any business run online. But you have good concern on which you have good knowledge and best suits your locality and easily adapted to their lifestyle Make a good team much familiar with it.

Prasoon Arora

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Your budget and your type of products are equally proportional to each other. As you can not provide the high range products to the customers if your budget is less as these products can not be treated under your business, and with the same condition you may take the bulk products ranges in low cost and can make more profit.

steve taylor

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For online business , It is better to choose the branded product for online sell. People are already familiar with branded products so they purchase it without any fear. You have only to maintain your product price range which must be lesser compare to competitor.