My Experience Choosing Your App Development Platform: Ios Of Android


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By now you may have guessed that in general, it is more lucrative and easier to start developing apps for iOS because they earn more, android vs ios market share us and the cost of mobile app development is lower. Another important reason for starting out using the iOS platform is that when you are developing a new app, there is a significant learning curve to understand what is working and what's not. If you have to do that across two platforms or even for Android development platform alone, which is much more challenging because of the fragmentation, it potentially makes app development non-profitable.

If your company is a start-up and your capital is limited, then iOS is the best place to begin because not only is it cheaper iOS also brings influencers and PR with it. Chances are, you'll get much more clicks for your app built on iOS.

If your audience is mostly located in emerging markets, then it makes sense to start with Android since they tend to visit app stores more often.

When is the time to move onto another platform? Growth is the primary reason for moving to a new segment of the audience. Once you have exhausted or hit a critical mass on one platform, then you can start targeting the region of the second platform. That will most likely increase your total number of users.