Help Me/Question Clickbank or not?

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In the affiliate world, one of the most difficult steps is choosing the product/service to promote. Whether we are talking about ebooks, software or even electrical ovens, choosing the ones with high competition or low prospects will definitely mean not a good thing.

What do you consider first when jumping into affiliate marketing? Are you going for best sellers from Clickbank/Amazon/CJ or just choose a niche like "cure acne" and search for products to promote?

Also, how do you look over your competition? Are you choosing the low-hanging fruit or go for evergreen niches that require harder work but as well, higher payments?

Really interested in your answers. :)


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As I always say... do not pick a trendy product, choose something that people really needs over and over.

Not surprised that the 3 more profitable niches are Pharmacy, Real State and Travel



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I work with all that approve me. The one that make also sales ( at first I don't know how that will be - and also I don't do a research for this ) I take it to the next level.
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