CMS vs. Portal

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So CMS stands for Content Management System, and a portal is...well a portal..

So whats the difference between a CMS and a webportal?  Can a CMS be a webportal?  What about visa-versa?

I dont understand the difference.


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> glossary > portal

Web access point. A portal consists of web pages that act as a starting point for using the Web or web-based services. The word was first used to describe the sites of popular Internet access providers or search engines such as AOL, MSN and Yahoo! Later on, it was extended into the world of work, where a corporate portal or enterprise information portal acts as a starting point for employees or associates of an organization to access corporate information and applications. Portal software has become a distinct class of web server software that acts as a platform for deploying portals. An OASIS standard, Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP), aims to make it easier to automatically include services in portals.

A Content Management System speaks for itself I guess, so you can use a CMS to manage the contents of a portal.
Vice versa looks odd to me alltough the scripting of an automated portal might be considered a Content Management System...

Hmm... makes one wonder  :p
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