My Experience Codd Rules For Dbms To Qualify As Rdbms.


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  • Information Rule: states that entire data along with names and column names is represented in the form of table.
  • Access Rule: states that a particular record can be accessed only through the primary key that is used to uniquely identify a row.
  • View Updating Rule: states that any modification made on the views will be reflected back to the original table thus ensuring the consistency.
  • Language Supportablility Rule: states that there should be a certain language that allows the user to define a table, query and update data set integrity constraints and define transections.
  • Feature of insert, update and delete.
  • Logical data independence
  • Physical data independence
  • Integrity Independence
  • Support to NULL
  • Distributed database feature.
  • Database description rule: states that the description of the database is stored and maintained in the form of table.

Swati Mishra

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Exactly codd rule says that columns and the rows are defined in the form of table and the insertion deletion and modification in table is possible