.com - Which countries use .com?

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I am from the UK.

Would like to promote my website in other countries... will using a .com be OK? or should I register domains using the correct extensions for each country I am targeting i.e France, fr etc; etc;

Basically I am trying to find out if .com is used world-wide or just mainly for usa and uk companies.

Will having .com look professional in other countries.

Thanks for your help.


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It European countries are you main target then I suggest you register .eu however its is also advisable to register .com and .co.uk version of your domain name so that other people will not register it and use it to compete with you.

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Yes, you may use .com internationally as it is universal.

Lets say if you have a branch in France, use .fr or if you have a branch in India, use .in.

In the end what matters is your site's domain name, your Seo and promotion efforts.

Regards/Puneet M.


Be VERY carefull about using multiple domain extensions as this means you are going to have to create multiple site content (if you duplicate content across sites that are owned by the same person then it is a ban waiting to happen). Also it means multiple cases of SEo link building etc.

I would register all the versions (You can not register a .fr unless you live in France by the way) but .com, .eu .co.uk I would register these.
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